How do i purchase diamond?

Diamond is in-game currency which is used for purchasing costumes at "outfit exploration center" and in-game items.

Please follow the instruction below to purchase Diamond.

[How to purchase Diamond]
1) Lobby menu > Store > Diamond > select the item you want to purchase
2) Check Purchas confirm window > If "OK" to purchase, press "Purchase" button > If not, Press "Cancel" button.
3) STEAM Overlay window > Proceed purchasing in STEAM transaction window > Purchase complete
* Need to add funds in STEAM wallet if you have insufficient balance.
* If the transaction is failed by an error, please submit a ticket to STEAM support with detailed note.

[Link to STEAM support]

4) "Confirm Purchase" window pops up > Proceed the purchase > Purchased items will be stored in the message box in-game.
* If fail to purchase, "Purchase failed" window pops up.

※ Caution ※
* Any purchased items which are already recieved and used from the message box or expired date (7 days from the date of purchase) are not refundable.
* Purchasing certain package items (Diamonds) grants additional Diamonds.
* Please check [Refund Policy] for more information.

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