What are the major changes in SUPER PEOPLE 2?

There are several major changes after update on Dec. 12th 2022.

1. Battle pace up

▶The speed of movement and parkour is increased and the delay of parachute drop is decreased.
▶Now every classes possess sliding skill
▶Battle Pace is increased and smoothed as the max level has changed to 12

2. Class / Skill change

▶Every classes now have total 4 skills including ultimate skill.
▶5 types of previous capsules are now changed to white and gold capsules
▶Ultimate skill can be upgraded and become very powerful as class levels up during the match.

3. Crafting system change

▶The crafting is now removed from game.
▶The Specialized weapon system to certain classes is also removed.
▶Grade of Weapon/armor is decreased as follows.
   - weapon (previous: grade 7 > now: grade 5)
   - Armor (previous: grade 5 > now: grade 3)

4. change of selecting classes

▶Now no cost is needed to select or change class in the game.

5. New battlefield in the game.

▶Crescent moon, Capsule research center, Bamboo forest,
   and Abndoned mine is now available in the game.

6. Market upgrade and change

▶Battle pass is now available in the game
   (New cosmetics, parachute, emotes, diamonds and many more rewards await)
▶13 special class costumes are available
▶New "Emotes" are available
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