What type of information is required to submit a ticket related to Bugs/ Technical Errors?

We need to collect certain information to investigate the issue and resolve it ASAP.
Please submit a ticket with detailed information below when you face a technical error.

Required information:
- Client version: you can find it easily in the right bottom corner of the main lobby screen when you access the game.
  Ex) v.
- Steam ID: 17-digit numbers they can be found in user profile in STEAM
  ① Click Steam nickname in the top right corner of the Steam Launcher.
  ② Select Account details
  ③ You can find Steam ID (17-digit numbers) right below the Steam account name
      Ex) ?????'s account
      Steam ID: 2058175917592123
- Please submit your game account nickname correctly.
- Let us know if this error keeps occurring over and over or not.
- Please submit a reproduce step for the error in detail.

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