Solution for the general network error.

In case you are experiencing any network issues, please attempt the following.

  • Restart your router
    • Switch off your PC
    • Plug out the electric wire from your router. After 30 seconds, reconnect.
    • Turn on your router after plugging in.
    • Restart your PC
    • Try playing SUPER PEOPLE 2 again
  • Hook up to a cabled internet connection
    In case you are using WIFI/Hotspot for your internet,
    disconnect from the wireless connection and reconnect with a cabled internet connection.
    Cabled connections offer a more stable network.
  • Connect your modem to your PC directly.
    In case you are using your router, disconnect the router from your modem
    and connect your PC to your modem directly.
    If the above settles the issue, there may be a fault in your router.
    Please check with your service provider.
  • Disable IPv6 from your settings.
    If you are using IPv6, follow the guide below to switch to IPv4.
    First, click on the link below to check if you are using IPv6.
    • Press WIN+R to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box.
    • Enter ncpa.cpl to open the network settings.
    • Right click on your connected network and click ‘Properties’
    • Uncheck the ‘Internet Protocol v6’ box

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