Solution for the general program error.

To solve the issues like crash, freezing, and other general issues.
Please follow the solutions below.

  • Reboot PC
    • Start over after reboot your PC.
  • Steam Verify integrity test
    • Launch the Steam Client.
    • Choose "Local Files".
    • Click the "Verify integrity of game file".
    • Start the Super People after verify.
  • Windows Update
    • Press the Windows key and choose “setting”.
    • Choose “Windows update”, and update as latest version.
  • Graphic driver Update
    • Click "window key" on the left bottom side and click "Window setting".
    • Click "Driver update" menu and select your current graphic driver.
    • Click "Download and install" menu.
  • Reboot Router
    • Turn off the PC.
    • Unplug the router and wait more than 30 seconds.
    • Turn on the router after plug in the router.
    • Reboot your PC.
    • Play the SUPER PEOPLE 2.
  • Reinstall the Super People
    • Launch the Steam Client.
    • Right click SUPER PEOPLE 2 -> Click "Manage".
    • Click "Uninstall".
    • Please install again after uninstalling SUPER PEOPLE 2.

# Note
This guide is created based on the Windows 10 environment.

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